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Why Partner With National Appraisal Review & Compliance Group?

National Appraisal Review & Compliance Group (NARCG) was created to provide community and regional banks an independent resource for regulatory appraisal compliance. Our company goal is to be your bank’s regulatory partner for the commercial appraisal process and make the transition to regulatory compliance easy, simple and profitable. Why do we focus on commercial appraisals? With our 135 years of combined appraisal experience, this is what our staff does best and allows us to focus on what is important to your line of business. We want you to be fully confident in the valuation of the real estate as part of your underwriting process and to be certain that mandatory compliance has been met.

NARCG not only bids, engages and reviews commercial appraisal assignments, but what sets us apart is our 20+ years experience as in-house bank appraisal staff and upper level appraisal department management. We are able to develop or enhance your internal appraisal policy, keep your institution current on compliance issues, qualify your appraiser panel and serve as a resource when preparing for audits or bank examinations. We also offer engagement for environmental reports.

Our associates have experience:

  • Auditing third party appraisals and appraisal reviews
  • In meeting with bank auditors and federal examiners to address and resolve appraisal issues and concerns
  • As an appraisal resource for bank legal counsel
  • In educating lending and underwriting staff on real estate and appraisal compliance
  • In working with Special Asset groups to mitigate appraisal issues
  • Developing and updating appraisal policies for compliance with USPAP and federal banking guidelines
  • In determining the most appropriate and cost effective report format

Let us help you stay compliant and free up your in-house staff to focus on other underwriting concerns. We want to earn your confidence in our compliance expertise and our commitment to providing the best service available.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to establishing a long-term working relationship.

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